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The Women of Alinsco Insurance

I have the good fortune to serve, follow and learn from the women of Alinsco Insurance. These ladies have contributed to the creation, growth and development of our company with a combined 120 years of experience. Pictured below are the women that make up our leadership team in our United States office.

Our COO Maria Cortez leads in our carrier and MGA operations, and after 20 years in our organization she guides a team of hundreds. Her experience and knowledge are priceless. Kelly Orr grew in our company to Claims Director and leads in a trinitarian structure over the MD facets of Alinsco. Her growth and contributions continue to improve results as she develops individuals and embraces new technology. Pam Lack is President of our agency group and she continues to keep the agency as one of the top independent agents in the country. Controller Reagan Dillard has reformatted much in our accounting operations and is prepared when the day arises to assume the CFO mantel. AnMarie Bozick is a development superstar who pushed Agile Philosophy from our programming department into all departments. Gessie Wilson took the helm of our sales teams and brought a level of sophistication and integration beyond anything we had historically been able to accomplish. Not pictured is, Ileana Cruz our Managua office General Manager, she has built a facility and team from the ground up. Rosa Espinoza as our Business Intelligence leader brings our data to life and available for instant interaction for all departments, reinsurers, and regulators. These ladies are a powerful force.

Over the 47 year history of our company, women have always been a major part of our leadership teams.

In order to continue to push forward a culture of respect and equality across the globe, we must acknowledge the women that contribute so much. In doing so, over time the countless boundaries that separated us will fall. "In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders." said Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook.

My career would never have launched without the leadership of COO Toni Bryan of Rodriguez Communications in 1996. She interviewed, hired and managed me. She taught me how to manage personalities. She invested time in me. She spoke well of me before others and she provided opportunity for me to progress. She was a leader who changed my life.

Thanks to the great leaders of our organization and the countless women who shared their knowledge and experience to help me improve and our company grow.

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