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Guiding Your Staff into Goal Setting

In October our organization begins the process of reflection and setting direction for the coming year. This should be far from a foreign process to most of you as it is a part of the American corporate psyche. When deployed properly, goal setting is immensely useful. It requires: creative engagement, sincere reflection, inclusivity, and a binding agreement to strive together in achieving the desired results.

What many leaders fail to do is deploy the process with their staff. Goal setting should be a process in which every individual in the organization participates. If it begins and ends in the C-Suite it fails to give purpose, training and opportunity to everyone. From sales, accounting and building maintainence an organization can gain ground with this initiative, but more importantly, individuals can gain so much from goal setting.

First, take C-suite level planning to everyone. Share with management in all levels the leading goals of the organization.

Second, ask your managers to consider their role in obtaining these goals. Have them build their goals based on the overriding initiatives. Ask them to prepare a presentation of their goals and meet with them to review and discuss.

Next, ask your managers to repeat this process with their teams so before the New Year, each member of the organization has participated. Don’t fail to include everyone. Everyone should have a list of goals that moves their department and the lead goals of the organization forward.

Encourage individuals to also articulate their personal goals, even those they may perceive have no impact on the company. We live in a day and age that fears stepping into the personal realm, but I say a life together that does connect with the personal aspects of life fails to recognize the reality of great relationships. We are in our roles to serve the entity, but forsaking the individual is the greatest failure one can make in a career.

Guide individuals in ways they may assist in the corporate goals, and take delight in the sharing of their personal ambitions.

A great resource for your staff would be a short read off Brian Tracy’s book “Goals”.

Don’t forget to remind and encourage flexibility with your team. Goals push us forward, but we cannot deny the countless outside influences that may demand we realign our goals during the year.

Further, if you are a C-suite manager, make time to speak to employees throughout the organization about the goals throughout the year. Ask what has been achieved, changed, or concerns them. This will encourage your teams and keep them goal focused.

Happy New Year - may you achieve your goals in the coming year.

Don Owens is CEO of Alinsco Insurance Company

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