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Insurance: Preaching Resilience

This week thousands from the insurance industry descended upon Chicago for the Annual PCI (Property Casualty Insurers of America) Annual Meeting. Paul Mang, CEO of Analytics at AON provided an excellent keynote, "Innovation in Risk Management: Fact Checking the Excitement". During this session he made the statement, "The insurance industry preaches resilience."

The insurance industry does act out the resilience of the human spirit. It reflects "pulling yourself up by the bootstraps." Our industry puts math, science, administration, and people into action to help others recover, rebuild, and restore.

Empower Insurance had the opportunity to serve thousands of insureds and agents over the past month who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. We saw that special brand of resilience common to Texans from every walk of life. They took the blow of the storm, and then fought back to rebuild.

The Empower claims team has 95% of Harvey related claims closed. A few claims continue to trickle in or we would be complete. The execution of our Catastrophe Team is incomparable with our Texas Competitors. Thousands of insureds were served in a matter of days.

The Empower sales team kicked into high gear as well. Hundreds of independent agents lost homes or offices and our team reached out to serve them. In just one week after the storm, Empower had put over $100,000.00 in the bank accounts of agents and their employees to help them provide for their families, afford shelter, and replace office equipment.

Last night we celebrated the resilience we preach. We saw our preaching turned into action. Hundreds of agents joined us in Houston for the Empower Insurance "After the Storm" celebration.

We enjoyed hearing the stories and sharing in the heartache and then the joy of resilience.

Our thanks to thousands of agents that represent Empower and for your continued support. Thank you for the opportunity to share in this experience with you.

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