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Happy New Year - September 4, 2017

The cool of the morning and the unfamiliar dry air make starting the day a pleasure. A hazy blue sky is sliced by the jagged red rock of Moab and makes for a perfect view for reflection.

Happy New Year! Today marks the start of what I always measured as the new year from my youth.

The past twelve months were of change that Danae and I saw coming from years earlier.

Both of our children crossed the threshold of adulthood and are off following their own life journey. It is a comfort as a parent to see your kids making great decisions and catching visions for their life. Moreover, it is a thrill to not watch them succumb to set patterns of mindless sheep, but to see them step into the world as sheep dogs. We can see the results of bringing up critical thinkers.

Sarah is in her last year of college with many ideas for her next steps and Beau is flying alone in the sky above us.

Don Owens

Danae and I are adventuring more by ourselves, and we enjoy it.

One adventure was from March in Yosemite when we snow-shoed up to Dewey point. As we hiked through the silent wood with the crunch of snow underneath I was so content to be with the girl of my youth. We celebrated thirty years adventuring together in June and 24 years of marriage. From a quiet paddle on Lake Mead, to strolling in Paris this year I am grateful for our time together.

As we celebrate Labor Day I am also grateful to be included in the adventure of the Boenker family. To serve with a group of doers and visionaries is a rare gift indeed. After 45 years in business, to be pushing further ahead is very exciting. Over the next 18 months we make the push to an Agile philosophy throughout the organization. It is a great challenge and adventure.

I had the opportunity to enjoy more great reading. Having time to read is also a great gift. I spent time with Hemingway, Descartes, and Sasse just to name of few.

This past twelve months I watched some friends move through adversity with much grace and it was a great lesson for me.

Thank God for another year of life, of learning, of opportunity, of adversity, of challenge, and of relationships.

Happy New Year from Moab, Utah.

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