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On Our Son's Graduation May 2017

I was overcome with joy when I learned Danae was carrying a son. The joy of knowing there may be a Donald Adair Owens IV to pass along our family name was a great gift. The joy of a complete, balanced, and unique experience having both a daughter and a son.

When he was born we referred to our red headed boy as, "Beau Beau", And he will always be Beau Beau to Danae, Sarah and I.

Don is a thinker and an investigator. He likes to know how things work and why and when to use them. Unlike the rest of the family, he reads the instructions.

He generated his own income since he was nine with his business, . Cleaning up dog poop from backyards in Fort Worth and Azle neighborhoods. A great lesson in life, as we are always figuratively cleaning up someone's poop. He earned the work and love of his clients.

He used his funds to buy the best in archery and fishing gear and can tell you how each lure should be used ad-nauseam.

He is a great traveling partner. He is always in for the adventure no matter the inconveniences and demands little more than just to be along for the fun. 20 countries and a life of experiences by 18: hiking the Pyrenees in Spain to the hills of China, surfing off California to sliding down a volcano in Nicaragua, chasing pigeons from the Czech Republic to Peru, and climbing to the top of the highest mountains of Colorado and British Columbia.

He is now graduating to pursue becoming a pilot and airplane mechanic. He said, "If I'm going to fly it I want to be able to fix it."

Son we are proud to be your parents. You made parenting easy except for a few moments at 5 and 14!

We are most excited about the way you live out your faith. You are a doer of the word. We encourage you to always look to treasures above and in a difficult world, not lose your softhearted spirit. Christ is all. Be a soldier of the faith.

We are grateful for your self control and ability to adjust to unique situations and people. The Apostle Paul said to "be all things to all people", use this gift to help and love others.

Your entrepreneurial attitude can be used to great advantages in life. Always look for new ways to learn, earn, experience and achieve. The world is full of followers, be a leader.

Congratulations on your graduation! Good work son - now press on and always focus on finishing well.

My advise for Beau is the same I gave his sister at her graduation:

Live a life of directed passion. Celebrate success quickly and return to the tasks of the hour. Expect the best while planning for the worst. Don’t remain discouraged long. Invite everyone around you on your journeys. Work hard – play hard. Save some money – spend some money. Love the unloved. Serve the weakest. Do for those no one else does. Aim for the eternal. Know Christ and make Him known.

“The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

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